Payment problems with manual orders

This order’s status is “Pending Payment” – it cannot be paid for. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Or: the importance of calculating the total in manual orders.

If you are a shop owner and used to create manual orders, you’ve probably received complaints from customers that the payment link doesn’t work. Or maybe they don’t complain, but simply fail to pay.

Because they see this:

This order status is pending payment

Why does this happen?

Without knowing, you created a manual order whose order amount is $0.00.

How, you ask, if you added all the products? Lets review the workflow:

How to create manual orders in WooCommerce

1.  go to your WordPress Dashboard >> WooCommerce >> Add Order

2. Fill in the Customer details


3. Click Add item(s) in the left corner

4. Click what you’d like to add to the order (e.g. Products)

5. Search and add the product

6. Click save

Most shop owners think they are done now and proceed right to sending the customer invoice under Order Actions >> Sent Customer Invoice failing to realise that your order is not ready yet!

Take a closer look at your order and what happens if you send the Customer Invoice now:


You DID add the product. You did hit save. But you did not click “Calculate Total” to update the Order Total!

This means that your invoice will now be sent with an amount of $0.00, which in turn will create an invalid payment link and a very confused customer.

If you are adding products to an already existing order, this could be even worse: the payment link will work, but it won’t include the amount for the products added later on – while the order will still be set to paid!

When creating a manual order, and before sending out the customer invoice, make sure that the Order Total is correct. This will save you a lot of headache!


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