Multiple resources for one booking


You are getting married. You want a huge letter display saying L-O-V-E on your wedding setting. Lucky for you, you can rent these letters individually.

Now, image you are the shop owner: you are offering letters for booking so that customers can spell their preferred word for a day. Using the booking extension, how can you set up your products to allow customers to choose the entire word instead of adding letters individually to your cart?

And how can you manage your stock of letters?

Even though you can’t assign multiple resources to the same booking, there are still a number of ways to set up your store in a way that your customers have a delightful shopping experience and you (kind of) are on top of your stock.

Option 1: Persons are letters

If you need to know the exact number of letters (and have some kind of stock management). “Persons as Letters”. The product would then look like this, and the customer can choose for each letter the exact number of letters he or she needs.

Advantage: there is no restriction as to the number of letters any one client can order AND you can restrict the number of letters available per day – this way you do have some kind of stock management (or at least, no overbooking).

(In this example I did not add all 26 letters – if you do, you might want to adjust your theme to organise the letters slightly differently).

This is the result:

booking with multiple resources 06

Once added to the cart, it looks like this:

booking with multiple resources 09

And you know exactly which letters have been ordered.

The setup in the backend looks like this (prices are defined only in the “persons” tab):

booking with multiple resources 10

The costs tab is only needed to define the “From $xxx” message

You’ll want to adjust the error message when no letters are selected. Currently it says “Persons are required” – you’d have to translate this to “letters are required”.

booking with multiple resources 08

Option 2: How many letters do you need

In this option the customer first decides the length of the desired word (yes, requires counting skills), books the number and then lets you know the word (hopefully) in the “order notes field”:

The end result is this:

booking with multiple resources 02

Note that the resources are created as letter dependent:
booking with multiple resources 01

The price depends on the resource (which depends on the number of letters).

The setup in the resource tab looks like this:

booking with multiple resources 04


The user only chooses the **number** of letters, but you don’t know yet which letters they want. Thus the advice to please spell it out in the checkout form under “Order Notes”.

booking with multiple resources 05

You might want to change the standard “notes about your order” to something more fitting though.

Option 3: Spell it out IN the order

To make this option work, you’ll need the Product Add-On plugin.

Set up the product just like in option 2 and add one custom field for the word to be spelled out.

This is the result:

booking with multiple resources 12

And this is how you add the additional field in the “Add-Ons tab”:

booking with multiple resources 13



Now you just need to choose which option works best for you and your customers 🙂