Pre-selecting pricing options for bookable products

By default a bookable product requires the customer to add at least one person type and then select a date to book. It feels clunkly and doesn’t look very profesional.

Enter Product Add Ons. This additional plugin allows you to define product options including different pricing variations. To find more info about the extension, check out the documentation here:

And this is how it works in the back-end when creating a coaching product with different prices for different ticket types: medical students / juniors or Consultants:


This is how it looks on the product page (note that the end price is a combination of the product price PLUS the add-on price – so be clear of what you want to achieve).


If you then want to redirect the customer directly to your cart, instead of letting him wonder through your site, select the Redirect to cart option on the WooCommerce Settings > Products > Display page:


Now your customer can smoothly transition from their buying decision to the payment step.